fashion/wardrobe coaching

Is your wardrobe bothering you? Do you not even know what to look for when you’re going shopping? Are you transitioning into a new career/job/field and want your clothes to better reflect who you are now? I am your guide to help navigate the fashion world and find the perfect pieces to suit your body, personality, energy and lifestyle.

Everything starts with a chat: on the phone or in person. We’ll talk about your fashion goals, what you love, what you think works best on your body. As with any design project, we’ll also discuss what makes you feel fabulous and what suits your life.

All consulting/coaching clients receive a 30% discount on their first custom design project.

Focused Outfit Consultation – $250
– Do you need some help finding the perfect interview or holiday party outfit? We’ll talk about how you want this outfit to make you feel, find a few of your best colors & silouettes, and I will give you examples to help focus your shopping.

Wardrobe / Fashion Coaching – $450
– After a few in-depth conversations, we will discover what looks best on you. I will create your personalized “style guide” with example images of the best silhouettes, shapes, fabrics, colors, prints, and any key details to look for when shopping for yourself. The basic consultation may be done via email & phone if you can provide photos.

Full Wardrobe & Closet Purge – $1000
– In addition to the basic fashion consultation, I will come to your closet and we will see what existing items that you adore can be altered to fit you better and what needs to be passed along. alterations may be included for an additional charge.

Shopping Fun! – $1500
– We will do a basic fashion consultation and a closet purge and then we’ll head out to your favorite stores to find items that suit you best.

Virtual Shopping Fun – $1200
– Just like the Shopping Fun package, but for clients outside the LA area, this one includes a virtual trip through some favorite stores to find your best looks.

Are you ready to get started and re-imagine your wardrobe?
Contact me for your complimentary wardrobe consultation.